The Art of Web design - Ecommerce

Entire journey

Ecommerce is at the heart of most retail websites and is also a core strength for Positive Change. We view ecommerce as the entire process from moment the customer hears of you through to visiting your site, buying a product or service and then building loyalty and customer retention for future visits.



We can provide the core systems for building a strong acquisition model through viral marketing, ads, video (including video commerce) and other web technologies.



Using clever design, A|B and multivariant testing, we can help improve your conversion rates significantly.



Using our experience of integrating your ecommerce system with your fulfilment house we can provide your customers with a seamless process from purchase to delivery, through returns and complaints.



Loyalty comes from getting the above three cornerstones of e-commerce right, but also from loyalty schemes and keeping your customers up to date with offers and news.

We can work with your existing software or we have our own ecommerce service with monthly or yearly fees. We can build any ecommerce system to meet your unique business requirements.


Hosted service

Our ecommerce service has so many features that we have put them into a separate pdf. You can download the full feature list here.




All our meetings with clients can be arranged in special well equipped meeting rooms with all the required facilities. This is done by renting the rooms and state-of-the-art furnishings to suit the client. If the client requires any of the services for conferences and meetings a similar solution can be easily organised for them. With an instant quotation ready as well as the delivery dates.