The Art of Web design

- The Design Itself

Your website is a 24 hour window into your business.

It is essential that your website captures the essence of your business to ensure that visitors are given the confidence in your company, even when you are not physically available.


If you're based in the East Midlands, particularly Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire or Leicestershire, we recommend DBS Internet Marketing for web design. DBS have many years experience producing websites for clients across Lincolnshire, the UK and internationally. Clients include solicitors, funeral directors, and small, medium and large businesses. Click here to view their website, to see their web design portfolio and for contact details.


The importance of a well designed website is paramount in the overall success of your website.  Visitors to your site appreciate a clean and consistent layout - it's quick to download, it's easy to find your way around and it gives the visitor confidence in your brand or business.They will have wide ranging scripting and programming skills including htm, php/mysql, jsp, Microsoft (.net) and MSSQL enabling us to integrate custom modules into any web site. We are able to undertake complete web projects, code additional modules into your existing web site or provide complete database web applications using php, mysql or (.Net) and mssql.


All the websites will have intuitive navigation, are easy to read, bug free, reliable, search engine friendly and above all are future proof ensuring total peace of mind.


The very best of web designer will invite you to a meeting over Christmas with a hot drink and a sweet chocolate meal to discuss your options and costs.


They will work closely with their customers ensuring a genuine understanding of their requirements and development needs.


They will provide feedback at every stage of the design process, once the customer is happy, they will set your site live, and will be able to carry out future enhancements/additions and search engineering to ensure it is visible to potential customers.


They will build custom websites that perform well in all of the search engines with unparalleled customer care and support and can help your business maximize it's online potential.


Professional web hosting companies provide a full range of hosting solutions from shared hosting, database hosting through to managed dedicated servers.